ConocoPhillips 2018





Conoco Phillips are accountable for their actions. As a good neighbor and civic partner, they strive to make a positive impact in communities where they operate through charitable efforts and volunteer commitments. They are committed to conducting business in a manner that promotes a healthy environment while thoughtfully preparing for the future by pursuing lower carbon energy sources. They use technological advances to minimize our environmental footprint; resource development, safety and environmental stewardship.

By working together, building strong partnerships, and relationships with their colleagues, Conoco Phillips believes in proactively seeking out different perspectives, breaking down silos and communicating the “why” behind the decisions made and looking beyond the events of today to help the company succeed in the future.

Traditional fabrics and musical instruments are inherited as one of Indonesian ancestral heritage. They can be found on many parts in Indonesia. We used ethnical illustration to strenghten the theme of the nation wealth combined with Conoco Phllips' spirit value.