Bianca Restaurant





Almost every good old story begins with once upon a time. Except it's not just another good story, it's an intriguing one. Once upon a time, there was a great man who has done wonders, he's known for building the world's greatest Pyramid. He has a granddaughter and her name is Bianca.

Bianca, a globetrotter herself, is a sophisticated lady. She is a smart, charming, yet alluring lady.  She has great admiration for her grandfather's extensive collection of exotic heritages from his around the world journey.

Following the footstep of her grandfather, Bianca wanders the world collecting exotic ingredients. Every now and then, Bianca will visit her home and mix the exotic ingredients resulting in the most unique concoction.

A brand is concept visualized, where it shows its authenticity, elegance, and grandeur. Bianca's visual brand is the combination of the art & crafts movement in the late 1800s and art deco era in the early 1910s. The typography of the logo is inspired by the art deco era where elegance and luxurious feel are signified. Whereas the engraving of the logo is influenced by the art & crafts movement.

Every brand has its own distinctive feature and personal touch. Bianca will serve its customers with distinctive packagings
and each products will be wrapped exclusively. Bianca's exclusive bottle design also differs from one another.