Agung Podomoro Land





Agung Podomoro Land is a leading integrated diversified real estate owner, developer and manager in the retail, commercial, and residential real estate segments with diversified holdings. We have an integrated property development model, from land acquisition and/or sourcing, to design and development, to project management, sales, commercial leasing and marketing, to the operation and management of our superblock developments, shopping malls, offices, hotels, and residential apartments and houses. We are known as a pioneer of the superblock development. Our high quality landmark projects, to name a few are Podomoro City, Kuningan City, and Senayan City.

By working quickly and efficiently, their flexible and scalable model keeps use of capital and resources to a minimum at any given time. In addition, capitalizing on our network and good brand name. Agung Podomoro Land also pioneered the superblock concept, bringing together residential, retail, leisure and office space within one integrated high rise development complex to create a pleasant and extremely convenient urban living space, with both sale and lease components.