NEWS | Posted on Dec 19, 2016


Duotone is a halftone reproduction of an image that brings out its middle tones and highlights. Nowadays, duotone become popular again and used in the music playing app and for various promotional micro-sites.

Duotone adds a unique design element to images from artists that are well-known and widely-used. Duotone can make a huge effect to your design and give dynamic effect.

As a Dominant Image

Use duotone to create a dominant image. Duotone creating a visual attention and show off. Use bold color choice and quirky, also the fun imagery and color to strike in. 

As a Simple Color Palette

Duotone does not have to be complicated. Sometimes the most striking two-color projects are simple in nature. This type of duotone effect is almost made for websites that have a more formal look and feel because it allows use of a trend without feeling forced or overwhelming. 

As a Way to Increase Readability

Use duotone to act as a color stabilizer that gives the text plenty of space and contrast. A duotone color overlay can help “flatten” color variations in an image so that text can be placed using a single color almost anywhere on the image and still be readable. 

As an Accent

Consider duotone elements for card style elements, as an overlay for links for video or to emphasize calls to action. Duotone accents can also be effective tools for use in a minimal or black and white color scheme because of the color contrast they create.

As a Background

There’s nothing like a subtle duotone effect to create an interesting background image or pattern. This is an ideal use for brand colors or as a way to incorporate a trendy hue or technique into your design without a full-scale overhaul.

Duotones are equally engaging for designers. The effect can spice up an overused image, add a fun element when one is lacking and just help engage users visually. You can pair colors that you might not have imagined for a major impact or combine colors with subtle variations for a small element of surprise.