NEWS | Posted on Dec 21, 2016

Based on: GettyImages – Creative in Focus Article

Trends are interconnected, as they feed into and shape each other. They are also part of a cultural continuum, evolving out of the major trends of previous years. The pace of change in recent years makes sifting the genuine trends from the passing fads very tricky. 


Technology has infinitely increased the size of world. Previous trends looked at how the visual realm developed in reaction to social shifts brought about by new technologies. And now, rather than looking at an image, we are now in the image. We’re not seeing, but experiencing.


Color Surge

Color is no longer just one component of image, it’s become the star. Unusual colour combinations can immediately ignite interest and excitement in a campaign. Whether they are overwhelmingly beautiful or exquisitely ugly, the powerful manipulation of colour stops us in our tracks.



The Unfiltered trend illustrates a new direction in commercial photography, a move towards a documentary aesthetic, harnessing the language of photojournalism to tell more powerful stories.


Gritty Woman

Nowadays, gender politics debates is very intensive and new type of woman who is ready to reframe the battleground is emerging. Gritty woman is not to be crossed, overlooked or underestimated. She’s a fighter, a feminist, a phenomenon.


Global Neighbourhood

Globalisation, migration, citizenship make the global flow of information is unstoppable. Goods and information around the world is having a transformative effect on society and has the potential to change the way we see ourselves.


New Naivety

New Naivety is about embracing visuals that are spontaneous and playful, and at times uncomfortable. It’s about imagery that is not always “on brand.” It’s time to get raw, get real and make people laugh.